Track-It! 2020 R3 is now available

I am excited to announce that Track-It! 2020 R3 is now available.

This release continues the innovation of the Track-It! help desk software platform and provides another release of new content for the Track-It! customer base. This release is completely free to customers on active support. For more information on all available features and modules, visit the Help Desk Features page.

The highlights of this release are:

Re-designed back end authentication process

Individual SQL logins are no longer required for each Track-It! Technician and Group. The authentication process has been re-designed and is now handled by a small number of administrative SQL accounts.

Notes in Templates

The Track-It! template feature now supports the ability to add file notes to a template.

AD Authentication change

AD authentication was updated to disable the Track-It! credentials for accounts using AD Authentication to prevent unwanted logins using Track-It! credentials when AD authentication is configured as the preferred login method.

Total Time Spent field formatting improvement

The Total Time Spent field has now been formatted in a ddd:hh:mm:ss format for ease of use and readability. The total seconds value is still available in the behind the scenes data to simplify report calculations in formulas but the on screen display of this field in the Ticket grid and within an individual ticket has been updated.

AD Auth links improved visibility

The AD Auth links on the Track-It! Technician and Track-It! Self Service login pages has now been updated to be more visible in configurations that were exhibiting this issue.

Technician Notes Public/Private setting

A new setting for Technician Notes visibility has been added to the configuration, allowing administrators to decide for organization what the default visibility of Technician Notes should be.

Fix licensing issues at login

If someone has imported more users into Track-It! than the site is licensed for, Track-It! now allows Administrators trying to log in to have have direct access to a license assignment screen to rectify this issue so users are not locked out of the system.

Client Management 20.8 support

Track-It! 2020 R3 was updated to support Client Management 20.08. This version of Client Management is also bundled with the Track-It! 2020 R3 installer.


Integrated Endpoint Management

Track-It! also includes integrated endpoint management as part of the new Track-It! platform utilizing Track-It! Client Management. This solution uses a single agent to simplify deployment and provides the capabilities below. Contact your Track-It! account manager or partner for more details.

Additional Information Here are some references to additional information about this release which may be helpful.

We are excited that Track-It! 2020 R3 is now available and would like to take a moment to thank all the customers who are active in the Track-It! Community and, the Track-It! Developers Circle. A special thanks to those customers who have submitted ideas that were included in this release. Your participation in these programs helps drive the product direction in ways that benefit you and all of our customers.

We hope you enjoy this release and we look forward to bringing you more great things on this great new platform.

Cris Coffey

Cris Coffey

Cris is the Principal Product Manager for Track-It! and BMC Client Management. Track-It! is a help desk software application designed for small to medium sized businesses and Client Management is an End Point Management software application designed for Medium to Large sized businesses.