Help Desk Ticketing Software

Solve IT problems faster with the right help desk ticketing software

The help desk is the central hub of your IT operations and Track-It! IT help desk software has the right combination of functionality and ease of use that will allow your team to keep better records of IT work that needs to be done, priorities of open tickets, time spent on the IT work, and the top issues impacting your business.

Track-It! Help Desk Ticketing Software will help you increase end-user satisfaction and resolution rates, reduce costs, justify the need for additional staff and keep work from falling through the cracks.

Your technicians can spend time solving complex problems instead of reinventing the wheel by utilizing the integrated knowledge base. Multiple departments that need help tracking their work can all use the same Track-It! system by segmenting the data through settings. Facilities, Human Resources, IT and more can all benefit from using Track-It! to manage their work.

Automatic email to Ticket conversion

Some of your users might have trouble using common features in Windows or Microsoft Office and we understand that. Trying to train them to use another system to log their own tickets through a portal or mobile app might take you more time then logging their issues yourself.

For those users, the ability to send an email into the help desk that automatically generates a ticket is crucial. This feature allows them to easily adapt and start logging their own tickets by simply sending an email while at the same time accomplishing your goals of logging and tracking all requests.

Self-service portal for end users

For your end-users that are a bit more tech-savvy, they have the option of using the end-user self-service portal. The self-service portal allows users to search the knowledge base for solutions to common problems, log help desk tickets themselves and check the status of tickets already in progress.

This saves your team time as users may find solutions to their problems and avoid logging a ticket or get the status of an existing ticket without needing to call or email your help desk technicians.

Active Directory Integration – Import and Authenticate

Users constantly forgetting their passwords? Dreading them trying to remember another user ID and password so they can access the Track-It! self-service portal?

You can save yourself time on the admin side and streamline your end-users experience with the self-service portal by using the Directory Importer and AD Authentication features. AD Importer will import all of your users AD account information into Track-It! and create user accounts for them so you don’t have to enter them manually.

Then by enabling AD Authentication for self-service, your users will be able to automatically authenticate into the self-service portal.

Track-It! Help Desk Ticketing Software has everything you need for a price you can afford in a system that’s easy to deploy, use and manage

In addition to the features above, the Track-It! Help Desk offers Ticket Templates, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), Time Tracking, Scheduled Tickets, Scheduled Reports, Parent/Child Tickets, Skill Routing, Automatic Ticket Routing and Assignment, Automatic Prioritization, Knowledge Base, Automatic Escalations, Automatic Notifications and additional included modules for Asset Discovery and Management, Change Management, Remote Control, Self-Service and optional modules for complete end point management including Patch Management, Image Deployment and Policy Management.