Change Management Software

Track, Control and Report on IT Change Management

Proper change management should be a priority for every organization and the right change management software can make or break your IT operation. Having a system to request, track, review and approve system and network changes helps eliminate downtime and loss of money due to issues from unplanned or unapproved changes. Put your change management process on cruise control with Track-It! The change management module included with Track-It! is fully integrated with the Track-It! Help Desk module to allow proper escalation to a change request whenever a help desk ticket requires high risk changes.

Change management software allows you to control costs and avoid outages resulting from unplanned network or server changes. Change Management allows you to track, control and report on the process of IT change management requests and approvals, allowing you visibility into the process and oversight of the changes going on in your environment.

The Change Management feature in Track-It! allows you to customize the number of approvers, the number of stages of approval, and the number of required approvals in each stage, giving you the flexibility to create custom change management policies to fit almost any situation. Change management approvals can also be automatically triggered based on the type of help desk ticket or in any number of custom ways by utilizing Track-It! Business Rules. Once the Change Management process is activated for a ticket, automated emails are sent out to each approver and each person can approve or reject via an email response or by logging into the self-service web portal.

Minimize costs, downtime and IT infrastructure change risks through effective review, enforcement and change approval automation at your fingertips.