Software Deployment

Software Deployment

Software Deployment can automatically deploy software and operating systems to existing or new devices within your network. Freeing up your technicians for other tasks to help make them more efficient and save your help desk time and money. Automated deployments ensure systems are updated on time, every time, correctly and consistently.

Managing deployments for a network environment can quickly become too much to handle manually, even with only a few hundred systems to manage. In an environment with a few thousand end points, the process of rolling out systems and updates can become completely unmanageable without the right automated tools.

However, managing operating system  and software deployments across thousands of endpoints with various permutations of software licenses can be easily managed with the right Software Deployment and Client Management tools. Automate the deployment of operating systems to bare metal hard drives, install and update applications and deploying and updating operating systems to thousands of devices in inventory goes from nearly impossible to quick and repeatable with the right tools.

Client Management for Track-It! offers:

  • Operating system deployment
  • Bare metal provisioning
  • Application distribution including automated upgrades and self-service software installation
  • Paired with Patch Management, your systems will never miss an update

Software Deployment is part of Client Management, the endpoint management software solution integrated with Track-It! Help Desk Software.  Client Management offers modules for Asset Discovery, Auditing, Compliance, Power Management, Patch Management, Software Distribution and Remote Management/Control.