Software License Management

A software license management tool when you need it most

Software license management is a critical part of any IT Help Desk operation.

Hopefully you are never involved in a BSA | Software Alliance software audit due to a disgruntled former employee reporting you for investigation.

Hopefully your biggest concern about software licenses is wasting money on licenses you didn’t really need.

In either case, Track-It! offers automated software license tracking tools that make dealing with these scenarios easier.  Never waste money buying software licenses you don’t need or worry about fines or penalties related to software audits ever again by leveraging software license management best practices with Client Management for Track-It!

Client Management for Track-It! offers the capability to keep track of and report on the number (and type) of software licenses owned and utilized within your organization. Gain control over your software licensing costs and access instant and accurate license allocation information.

Software License Management in Client Management for Track-It! provides the following benefits:

  • Customize which software titles you want to track
  • Customize which applications or files make up each software license title
  • Specify how many licenses your organization owns for each software title
  • See how many systems on your network have each software title installed
  • Authorize the systems that should be utilizing the licenses purchased
  • View reports of unauthorized systems using each software title
  • Remove software from unauthorized systems remotely (Using the optional Software Deployment add on)

Keeping track of software licenses is critical to your business but it should not be a full time job.  Software License Management in Client Management for Track-It! allows you to discover, capture, record, track and report on all aspects of software license purchases all in one place.  Monitor allocation, tracking and compliance data for an accurate picture of your overall software licensing status across your organization so you can save money and never again be caught off guard by under licensed software.

Currently available in Track-It! 11.x and Client Management.

Integration with SLM / Client Management is coming soon to the Track-It! 202x platform.