Endpoint Management Software

Reduce service desk calls by 80% and improve endpoint security with unified endpoint management

Endpoint Management Software – Accurately manage your technology assets

Track-It! Client Management Software optimizes your service management solution to provide comprehensive, automated endpoint management, delivering great service to end users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risk.

Accurately manage your technology assets

  • Gain insight for smart decision-making by automating inventory collection
  • Improve end-user satisfaction and reduce time by automating deployment
  • Save time and secure endpoints from vulnerabilities
  • Reduce compliance risk by automating policy compliance
  • Drive endpoint troubleshooting and management from integrated service management solutions
  • Available on-demand or on-premises

As businesses continue to grow and merge, IT organizations continually face
the increasingly difficult task of accurately managing their technology assets.
Common challenges include:

  • Discovering and tracking hardware and software
  • Ensuring software licenses are maximized
  • Maintaining current patches and reducing potential vulnerabilities
  • Supporting the service desk with troubleshooting issues and integrating to reduce escalations


Client Management delivers mobile, desktop, and laptop management, helping organizations control costs, avoid audit failure and reduce the likelihood of data loss. From the time a device is acquired, Client Management deploys the proper OS and software specific to the device and the user, ensures organizational and industry policy compliance, and keeps patches up-to-date until the device is retired.

Endpoint Management


Client Management provides intuitive, simple, and complete inventory and management.


  • Reduce patch time by 30% through set-it-and-forget-it automation
  • Lower deployment time by as much as 80% for operating systems and applications
  • Decrease post-PC migration service desk calls by 80%
  • Realize 100% ROI within 24 months of your Client Management investment

Client Management Product Details

  • Discovery and inventory: Automate inventory tracking to help guide investment decisions, reduce manual processes, and maintain compliance for physical and virtual devices.
  • OS and application deployment: Centralize and automate system deployment or migration—with no configuration—for minimal disruption.
  • Software license management: Reduce audit failures by understanding software license usage. Get a normalized software catalog through integration with the Flexera Application Recognition Library.
  • Patch management: Assess, manage, deploy, and report on patches to ensure that systems are safe and secure.
  • Event management: Extend monitoring and custom alerting capabilities to proactively track, manage, and automate remediation when key infrastructure events occur.
  • Policy compliance: Ensure devices adhere to regulatory, industry, and corporate polices, and provide reports to satisfy audit requests (SCAP 1.2 compliant certified by the National Institute of Standards and Technology).
  • Device security: View, control, monitor, and update all major antivirus and anti-spyware software from a single source.
  • Remote Management: Drive and control users’ devices to assist with service desk needs. Allows for troubleshooting to resolve the users’ requests, make changes, and resolve issues. Take advantage of remote control using only a web browser.
  • Mobile device management: Inventory and manage mobile devices through a unified console. Check compliance, push profiles and applications, and remotely lock/wipe devices.
    Power management: Lower energy bills and reduce the environmental footprint associated with PC energy consumption.
  • Device management: Centrally define and enforce your device usage policies, control upload and download activity, log peripheral device events for proactive response, and audit any unwanted activity.
  • MyApps: Put pre-approved software and access requests in the hands of the end-user without going to any websites or submitting help desk forms.

Endpoint Management FAQ

  • What is endpoint management?

    Endpoint management is the process of automatically discovering, tracking and monitoring all network devices and providing additional services such as software license management, remote management, remote control, chat, provisioning, software deployment, patch management, security policy and compliance management of those systems.

  • What is endpoint management software?

    Endpoint management software is a system that provides a central platform and location for management of all devices on a network. Good endpoint management software typically includes features like automatic network discovery, device scanning, software license management, remote management, remote control, chat, provisioning, software deployment, patch management, security policy and compliance management.

  • What are endpoints?

    An endpoint is any device utilized by a user that is part of or connected to your network. These can be desktops, laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc. Endpoint management is typically accomplished through an endpoint manager which is an endpoint management software system. 

  • What is an endpoint manager?

    An endpoint manager is another term for endpoint management software. An endpoint management software system provides a central platform and location for management of endpoint devices on a network.