Facility Management

Facilities Management with Track-It!

Facilities Maintenance groups can benefit from using a ticket management software system like Track-It! to track all their service requests. Keeping track of all service requests allows you to better manage your workload, improve response times, improve overall service, reduce costs, and provide reports that help to justify the need for additional staff.

The Track-It! ticketing system provides data separation settings that allow multiple teams like the facilities team and help desk team to both use the same instance of Track-It! but not see each other’s tickets.  This feature allows each group to utilize the same server installation of Track-It! but keep their data isolated from the other group or groups that are using the system. The Track-It! ticketing system can be extended to facilities, human resources or any other group that needs to keep track of tickets and service requests.

Features like Scheduled Tickets help teams ensure required regular maintenance tasks are never forgotten and Scheduled Reports put vital metrics and statistics right in your email inbox for routine measurement and monitoring.

Facility Management teams can also leverage other Track-It! features like:

  • Active Directory integration
  • Custom Business Rules
  • Ticket Templates
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Ticket Timers
  • Parent/Child Tickets
  • Automatic Email to Ticket conversion
  • Skill Routing, and Automatic Prioritization
  • Escalation and Notifications.