Patch Management Software

Patch Management – Providing centralized management of all your software updates

Patch management software in Track-It! Client Management ensures endpoints are secured from threats.

With a centralized point of patch deployment for operating systems and applications, you can ensure that all systems are patched to help enforce security policies.

  • Actively manage or “set it and forget it”
  • Distribute patches automatically and simultaneously
  • Automatically update vulnerability and patch bulletins catalog
  • Patch multiple vendors

Patch Management is part of Client Management for Track-It!, the endpoint management software solution included and integrated with Track-It! for Asset Discovery, Auditing and Remote Control. Client Management for Track-It! also offers capabilities such as Compliance, Patch Management, Power Management, Software Deployment and more.


  • Automation
    Set patch jobs to download and install patches on any schedule you design
  • Compliance
    Ensure your organization adheres to industry standards, including SCAP, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Inventory
    Automate the discovery of products that need to be patched, no matter when they are installed, and stay up-to-date
  • Integration
    Integrate with the top ITSM products in the market, including Remedy SmartIT and Digital Workplace, Remedyforce, BMC Discovery, BMC Atrium CMDB, and FootPrints

Mitigate risk with effective patch management software for client devices


Enterprises are increasingly under threat with a growing onslaught of vulnerabilities that come from a variety of sources. Whether the threat is to the operating systems or applications, it’s getting extremely difficult for organizations to keep on top of these threats and prevent data loss, data corruption, lost productivity, and to avoid the financial impact that these threats present. Furthermore, with the need to patch a variety of devices, including laptops, desktops, servers, or tablets, staying ahead of
patches is increasingly difficult.


Without an automated solution, it’s virtually impossible to know not only what software is installed, but also if it has been patched to the latest version and if it’s safe or not. In addition, with the cost to IT to fix a particularly virulent threat and the time needed to bring the devices to an acceptable patch level, the task can be daunting and costly.


BMC Client Management (BCM) provides enterprises of all sizes the assurance that all their critical client devices are patched and risks are effectively mitigated. Key capabilities include automated patch detection and deployment, alerts and reporting, and scheduling to ensure critical business processes are not negatively impacted.

Patch Management Software


  • Patch Incrementally
    Patch the devices if and when they need the patches, before a threat is detected and identified
  • Set It and Forget It
    Automate repetitive tasks on a schedule to ensure the latest patches are delivered
  • Adhere to Change Windows
    Ensure the patching is done according to the approved business schedule
  • Provide Useful Reports
    Robust, flexible, and accurate reporting to the groups that need them when there is information to be viewed


Set It and Forget It

There is always that one piece of software that seems to get patched every few weeks. BCM can enable you to set up a job that checks for these patches and deploys them automatically and silently on your schedule.

Patch Bulletins

Leveraging world-class patch detection libraries, BCM provides users with the latest patches from vendors. With over 190 different products, IT organizations are assured that the patches are being applied to all of their products.

Patch Multiple Vendors

Unlike some included or free client management products that only patch one or two vendors, BCM patches a large variety of vendors and provides clear reports on what has been patched and when.

Patch Testing and Validation

With the ability to set up and utilize dynamic groups, IT departments have been able to identify which groups urgently
need which patches, and apply and test those patches before rolling them out to the larger organization, all with a few clicks of a button.

Service Pack vs. Patching

Service packs are usually much larger and include more risk to the environment than a patch does. BCM can provide you the framework to test the service pack, validate its impact on devices, and roll it out incrementally to ensure that risk is mitigated.


BCM allows the tailoring of reports to the audience that is going to view them, such as summary reports for executives
and more in-depth reports to management and technicians. These reports can be scheduled and provided only when there is important information.

Service Anywhere

Whether your organization has adopted a bring your own device policy, supports workers in remote or offsite workplaces, or a combination of both, BCM’s service anywhere structure allows IT to be able to ensure that patches are
delivered and installed to these devices, even if VPN is not available. No matter where the devices are, as long as they are connected to the internet, they are getting the patches and updates that are critical to IT.