Compliance Management Software

Compliance Management Software – Compliance made easy

Define, monitor and enforce policies based on licensing agreements and regulatory standards with Track-It! IT Compliance Management Software.

With Client Management you can create compliance rules or import a SCAP template to check endpoint compliance and automate remediation. You can also manage license usage to ensure you are not exceeding licenses purchased.

  • Manage power usage
  • Normalize your software catalog
  • Manage devices
  • Secure inventory
  • Prepare for audits

Compliance is part of Client Management for Track-It!, the endpoint management software solution included and integrated with Track-It! for Asset Discovery, Auditing and Remote Control. Client Management for Track-It! also offers capabilities such as Compliance, Patch Management, Power Management, Software Deployment and more.

Compliance Management Key Features

  • Automation
    Set compliance jobs to run and check for compliance on any schedule you design
  • Industry and Organizational Standards
    Ensure your organization adheres to industry standards like SCAP, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Inventory
    Ensure the software installed meets licensing compliance and get accurate counts for reporting
  • Integration
    Integrate with the top ITSM products in the market—including Remedy Smart IT, Digital Workplace, Remedyforce, Discovery for Multi-Cloud, BMC CMDB, and FootPrints—or integrate with other solutions through a robust open REST API

Get your organization’s devices to comply with industry and in-house standards and requirements


Audit is a simple word that has huge implications and can scare IT leaders. With increasing scrutiny on security and threat management, organizations are being audited even more for compliance around SCAP, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and other standards such as those designed for in-house compliance. It’s not only important for an organization to pass an audit, but also to ensure timely remediation of compliance issues. Manually conducting an audit just won’t work in today’s fast-paced digital enterprises.


Do USB drives need to be prevented from being read? Do firewall and antivirus products need to be installed and updated? Are vulnerabilities like password usage, screensavers, open or closed ports, and the increasing list of possible issues being scanned and remediated? It seems the list of possible areas in which a device could not be in compliance grows every day, and as your IT environment grows, the ability to manage these areas gets more and more difficult.


IT Client Management Software by Track-It! provides businesses of all sizes the peace of mind that all their devices are within compliance, and are quickly brought into compliance when issues arise. Critical capabilities include the ability to quickly evaluate the current compliance environment, restrict access and operations, and leverage operational rules to bring the device into compliance.


  • Custom and Industry Compliance
    Utilize SCAP compliance jobs and rules, as well as create and maintain compliance specific to your organization
  • Set It and Forget It
    Automate repetitive tasks on a schedule to ensure compliance
  • Provide Useful Reports
    Deliver robust, flexible, and accurate reporting to the groups that need them when there is information to be viewed

BMC Client Management for Compliance

Set It and Forget It
There are always those few devices that seem to slip beneath the compliance radar and become the biggest risk to the
environment. Our IT Client Management Software enables you to set up a job that checks for compliance, report on compliance, and provide remediation steps.

SCAP Compliance
BMC Client Management is one of the first products that is certified as adhering to the Security Content Automation
Protocol (SCAP), as established by the National Institution of Standards and Technology (NIST). This protocol identifies software flaws and configuration issues, and provides an identification of known vulnerabilities and a score for these items. This allows organizations to automate security monitoring for devices and vulnerability management and
provide a report on this evaluation.

Organizations can leverage the powerful operational rules within BMC Client Management to fix vulnerabilities, install
patches, and ensure that devices are fixed without requiring manual intervention. SCAP compliance is recognized as the industry leader in vulnerability defense, and required for use by any organization that interacts with the U.S. government as a vendor or supplier.

Software License Management
Normalized software catalog allows organizations to better track compliance. BMC Client Management includes the Flexera Application Recognition Library to provide a comprehensive baseline.

BMC Client Management allows users to quickly create specific dashboards to provide an easy overview of compliance, whether it’s for the entire organization or a specific population.

BMC Client Management allows the tailoring of reports to the audience that views them, such as summary reports for
executives, and more in-depth reports to management and technicians. These reports can be scheduled and provided only when there is critical information.

Service Anywhere
Whether your organization has adopted a bring your own device policy, supports workers in remote workplaces, or
a combination of both, BMC Client Management’s Service Anywhere structure allows IT to ensure that compliance is
maintained on these devices, even if a VPN is not available. No matter where the devices are, rest assured that you’ll have the visibility required for compliance adherence.