Help Desk Benefits for IT Support Staff

IT help desk staff can be more productive if they have the tools that allow them to be like a mobile help desk. There are a few common problems the IT help desk support staff faces when trying to be productive:

  1. Having only desktops for help desk staff. This makes efficient in-field service almost impossible, as they tend to waste time running back and forth to a computer. Monitoring and real-time reporting become delayed as tickets are not updated in real-time.
  2. Laptop computers can be clunky to carry around when trying to service where there is no room to set it down.
  3. It is almost impossible for IT help desk professionals to leave the office and be “on-call” over the weekend. Help desk support departments either need to have a skeleton crew to cover the weekend or have staff check their laptops.

Some business owners believe that it’s not important to have a mobile help desk app because the staff won’t use it when they are not working. The opposite is true. Mobile friendly help desk applications can benefit your IT support staff by enabling users to get a faster response. This is irrespective of whether the staff member is at work or not.

Let’s take a look at a few of the help desk benefits of getting a mobile help desk app.

1. End-User Satisfaction 

End-users need someone to turn to when it comes to technical glitches and quick responses can increase user satisfaction. While you may believe your IT staff is not flooded with issues, there are times where you may not know how busy they are or who is putting in the extra time. Regardless, the help desk staff must have the ability to quickly respond to tickets to keep the organization moving forward.

Your IT team needs to be able to understand the issue and have a resource to turn to that allows them to walk the user through a process and get a solution. That is why a help desk app becomes so vital to your success.

2. Free Up Help Desk Time 

IT professionals have the tools to provide effective solutions to user issues a lot quicker. Yet, it’s not realistic for many companies to hire a large IT department to handle technical issues. This is why a mobile app can be so effective. If you have a handful of IT staff, these professionals will still have the capability to respond to tickets anytime from any location. This means that even on the worst days when the phone seems to be ringing off the hook, there are options where someone with the right tools can help.

Mobile apps are highly recommended for IT professionals. With an app, IT professionals do not always have to look back at a computer screen to answer a question. They often have all the answers in their head. All they need to do is be available to the user so they can talk them through the problem.

For companies that do not have the budget to hire an in-house IT staff, a mobile app with help desk tools can be the ideal answer. The app allows company staff with less training to be able to handle minor issues on their own. It also allows those on the IT staff that do know more about the product or service to handle the most critical issues. This becomes a win-win situation for your business. They have the tools in front of them to resolve the issue, they just need to remain focused and follow the steps.

3. Odd Hour Help Desk Support 

Another reason a mobile help desk app is useful is that someone can be available at any time to help. Instead of having to pay an IT department to be fully staffed 24 hours per day, especially on weekends, staff can use the app as needed. The app helps show business staff that they will have support for their needs any time, day or night. It also helps create a happier environment for IT employees, since they are not as tied to their computers. A mobile app provides help desk support with both freedom and flexibility.

Having a convenient platform like an app provides full-time support to your users. When you have the flexibility of turning to an app, a whole new set of doors opens. It can help instill trust in your company since you are showing you are making yourself available any time, day or night. It also allows you to have the tools available to your users that can reduce their frustration by being proactive. When you provide resolutions to users, they often take more time to show they are appreciative. They will do this by providing you with positive feedback and survey responses about your IT staff.

4. Proactive Help Desk Solutions 

One of the benefits of hiring IT professionals is that they come up with proactive solutions without having to depend on anyone. A mobile app almost guarantees the help desk staff will have the ability to manage and provide effective, timely solutions. Effective, timely solutions are so important because users want quick solutions so they can move on with whatever it is they have to do.

Employees value their time as much as you do. The more businesses show they value the time of their staff, the more loyal the staff will be. Staff needs the ability to hit a button that lets them get in touch with the technical department of your business in an instant. This allows them to seek resolutions to their problems instead of feeling as though they are at the mercy of the IT department. This reduces frustration and allows users to be more willing to listen to the solutions your experts are providing.

5. Systematic Fixing 

IT professionals can provide systematic solutions when they have a help desk mobile app to work with. This enables them to provide solutions for the same problem to each user who comes to them, instead of having to create solutions over again. It also helps save time, enabling them to be there for even more users, should they need to be.

At the end of the day, allowing your IT professionals to be able to help more users gives your business the edge. Many companies will not consider turning to mobile help desk software to help their IT staff and end-users. This will help your IT staff and users have the option of help whenever they want or need it.

6. Increase Efficiency

With the help of a mobile help desk app, IT professionals can increase their efficiency, address problems based on priority and other help desk benefits while on the go. They can notice which tickets are more important or urgent and can help with resolving those problems first.

A good help desk software system can separate technical issues from the non-technical ones. This ensures that the right IT staff are dealing with the most difficult technical problems. It also helps your business track what types of issues are coming in. This helps you efficiently handle different types of issues with your staff and allows you to identify and correct the problems moving forward or have systematized ways of handling them when they arise.

These applications are highly customizable and easy to use. A mobile help desk app makes the life of an IT professional easier by helping them deal with any situation that comes their way. This ensures businesses are ready to deal with any problem a user has and keeps them prepared for such situations in the future. The IT personnel will become more adept at fixing the common problems as soon as they hear the symptoms.

Giving IT professionals the freedom to deal with users over a help desk mobile app is an innovative approach. These professionals can see what they can do to improve the services the company provides. When IT professionals come up with solutions, it can help your business grow. Plus, it can provide faster and more efficient solutions by the IT help desk staff. This will help the company have a more stable operation and a successful team environment.

TrackIt! software includes a fully capable mobile help desk app that allows your IT help desk staff to manage tickets on-the-go with all of these help desk benefits. It also allows them to easily find solutions to common problems already documented.

Cris Coffey

Cris Coffey

Cris is the Principal Product Manager for Track-It! and BMC Client Management. Track-It! is a help desk software application designed for small to medium sized businesses and Client Management is an End Point Management software application designed for Medium to Large sized businesses.